Plamen Miltenoff

Professor, St. Cloud State U

Plamen Miltenoff is information specialist and professor at St. Cloud State University (SCSU) in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Plamen Miltenoff has diplomas from universities in Bulgaria, Austria, and from University of Florida. He holds MLIS from the Dominican University and graduate degrees from Sofia University in Bulgaria, Vienna University in Austria and University of Florida with additional studies from the former Soviet Union, Salzburg University in Austria and UVM in Vermont. He has Ph.D. in education from University of North Dakota and Shoumen University in Bulgaria. His professional interests include new technologies, online interaction among faculty and students, Web development and multimedia, and interactive and Web development in education. Social media for institutional use, gaming and gamification, blockchain and microcredentialing in education and VR/AR/MR in education are his current passions.

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