Katherine Messier

Katherine Messier is the founder and Executive Director of Mobile Beacon, an organization that provides high-speed, low-cost, mobile internet access to the anchors of communities: the nonprofits, schools, libraries, and healthcare organizations that provide vital services to millions of Americans every day. Through this broadband service, organizations have an essential tool to fulfill their missions and maximize their philanthropic impact. Katherine has spearheaded the development of several national initiatives that address the connectivity needs of community anchor institutions and focus on closing the digital divide. She has grown what started as a small “borrow the internet” pilot program in Providence, RI into a well-established hotspot lending platform supporting over 350 public libraries nationwide. Additionally, Katherine launched the first mobile broadband donation program for nonprofits on TechSoup. org and has provided more than 22,000 free 4G devices to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and libraries to further reduce the cost of connectivity. Most recently, Katherine launched a new national initiative, Bridging the Gap, with nonprofit partner PCs for People, to provide affordable home broadband access and refurbished computers to individuals and families below the 200% poverty level. Katherine also serves as the director of NACEPF Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the second largest national educational broadband service (EBS) licensee in the country.

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