Cristina Graham

Program Director, Mobile Beacon

Ms. Cristina Graham is the Program Director at Mobile Beacon, an organization that provides high-speed, low-cost, mobile internet access to community anchor institutions: the nonprofits, schools, libraries and healthcare organizations that provide vital services to millions of Americans every day. Ms. Graham oversees all of Mobile Beacon’s programs and partnerships working with clients to ensure they have the broadband connectivity needed to serve their mission and communities. Prior to joining Mobile Beacon, Ms. Graham worked for the Cesar Chavez Foundation for 14years in various roles and departments. She began her advocacy work with the Farm Worker Movement as a paralegal representing the United Farm Workers, assisting in labor law cases and class-action sexual discrimination litigation. She dedicated close to five years in the adult education field providing business management advice and services, and during her final eight years, she joined the Education Fund providing K-12 educational programs throughout the Southwest. She also led the department in providing fiscal oversight, management, strategic direction and program development. Ms. Graham has volunteered for various non-profit boards in California.

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