stackR: An Open-Source Tool for Collections Analysis (11:20 – 11:40 AM)

Collections analysis tools can be expensive, and they further libraries’ reliance on vendors for understanding data that we already have in-house. We decided to take ownership of our own data by creating an open-source alternative. Using the R programming language and the popular Shiny package, we’ve created an interactive, web-based program for libraries to understand their collections without having to pay vendors more from our ever-tightening budgets. We hope that other libraries will take a look at the source code, adapt it to their own purposes, and help develop this tool into a robust alternative to expensive collections analysis services.

Discussion following from 11:40 – 12:00pm.

Presentation Slides

Location: Discussions Room (Great Lakes A1) Date: November 9, 2018 Time: 11:01 am - 12:00 pm James L. Adams