Accessibility for All: Screen Readers

Over 25 million Americans are blind or have low vision and would benefit from access to a computer equipped with screen reading software. There are many different options available to libraries when choosing which screen reading software to make available to their patrons. This session will compare the five most popular screen readers and different types of accessibility aids. We will also discuss making your library website more accessible, creating partnerships with outside organizations, and how to better extend outreach to include all patrons. Attendees will also learn about resources and opportunities to improve their ability to assist patrons who are blind or have low vision. Time will be allotted at the end for a question and answer session.

Presentation Slides

Special Lecture
Location: Special Lecture Room (Great Lakes A2/A3) Date: November 9, 2018 Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Kelsey Flynn