Accessibility at Forum

Contact info

Contact Ranti Junus [] or @ranti at twitter, if you prefer, with any questions or concerns related to the conference’s accessibility.


Hotel amenities



The hotel suggests using Loring Parking garage if you have your own transportation. The parking ramp is located next to the hotel and there’s a walkway from the parking ramp to the hotel’s second floor. There are steps down and an elevator, and follow the sign to the hotel lobby. Please consult the hotel’s map, parking, and transportation page for more information, including parking rates.   


Hotel entrance

There is no step or curb at the hotel entrance. The hotel’s main entrance consists of two sets of automatic sliding doors flanking a wide, automatic revolving door (no need to push). The revolving door has “slow” and “stop” buttons.



We will use the hotel’s guest elevators to the 4th floor to get to LITA Forum registration desk and meeting rooms; there’s no direct access to the 5th conference room from the guest elevators. To go to the 5th floor, there are conference escalator and elevator across the Forum’s registration desk.



Restrooms are located on all floors of the hotel’s conference floors. Each restroom has a dedicated stall for wheelchair users.

  • First floor: located past the Front Desk toward the guest elevators.
  • Fourth floor: located that the end of the hallway of Great Lakes C room. There’s no automatic door opener for the bathroom, unfortunately. The stall for wheelchair users is located on the left section of the stall. 
  • Fifth floor: located across from the conference elevator.



The hotel provides several eating establishments options for you if you cannot leave the premise for any reason and need a bite.

  • Prairie Kitchen and Bar: The restaurant is located on the other side of the hotel lobby across the hotel registration desk. There are steps down to the restaurant and a ramp along the windows.

    • Breakfast: 6:30am to 11:00am, daily
    • Lunch: 11:00am to 2:00pm, daily
    • Happy Hour: 3:00pm to 6:00pm, daily
    • Dinner: 5:00pm to 10:00pm, daily
    • Lounge: 11:00am to Midnight, daily
  • Market
    • 6:00am to Midnight, daily
  • MPLS Express (Room Service)
    • Pickup available, 6:00am to Midnight
    • Delivery available 24 hours  


Consult with the hotel map for information on room arrangements and other hotel facilities.


During the Forum

Forum’s breakout sessions are held on the 4th and 5th floor. You can use the elevator or escalators to reach them. Most of the sessions will be done on the 4th floor.


Registration desk

The desk will be located at the end of the hallway on the 4th floor. LITA Staff will greet you and help you out if needed.


Accessibility support needs

Most area in the hotel are accessible for wheelchair users. Please keep in mind that the hotel might use thick carpeting, which might hamper wheelchair maneuverability. If you have concerns about this possibility, please contact us for further assistance.


The rooms for the breakout sessions are not equipped with audio induction loops. We will have microphones for speakers and audience members to use.


Sessions assigned to the Streaming room will have live streaming and live captions. For other rooms, please contact us by November 4th to arrange any assistance such as in-room captioning or ASL interpreters. We cannot guarantee accommodation requests that come after this.



We want to ensure that any photos that are taken (whether by conference staff or by fellow conference attendees) are done in accordance with your wishes. When you come to pick up your conference badge, you will be given a colored lanyard based on the photography preference that you indicated on the registration form. For accessibility purposes, we chose these colors:

  • Red with the phrase “No Photos”: do not photograph
  • Yellow: ask first for permission
  • White: OK to photograph

If you want to change the lanyard to reflect your new preference, the staff at the registration desk would be more than happy to swap it with a different one.

We will also have pronoun buttons for attendees to add to their badges at the registration desk



We understand that many of us would like to share the excitement and experience through various social media. Please observe these guidelines:

  • Pay attention to the colored lanyards and respect the wearer’s wish for the red/pattern and yellow ones.
  • If the presenter asks you not to share the images on their slide deck, then don’t share them.


Read the Privacy and Safety guidance as well so all of us can enjoy a great conference experience.


Gender Neutral restroom

A Gender Neutral Bathroom can be found on the 5th Floor of the hotel. Please ask LITA Staff at the Forum’s registration desk for directions.


Quiet room

The room “Lake Minnetonka”  has been designated as the quiet room. Please look for signage of the room’s name and purpose in front of it. Feel free to use it anytime during the conference time. Please observe and respect the quiet room guidelines.


Nursing’s mother Space

Please contact us for assistance in finding a space for your need.


About the sessions


Microphone usage

This year’s Forum is designed to be rather different than typical speaker/audience set ups. Consequently, there are some challenges with regard to microphone availability as well as the cost incurred. We might have to deal with “walking the mic around”.

  • Using the microphone is one of the greatest contributions to promote accessibility at the Forum. Even if you can project or you have a loud voice, using the microphone will benefit everyone such as:
    • Everybody in the room can hear them better.
    • Everyone who watches the livestreaming or the recorded talks can hear them better as well as share the Forum experience.
    • The quality of the live captioning feed depends on the proper use of the mic.
  • During the Q/A session of a presentation, please use the designated microphones.
  • Speak clearly and not too fast. Make sure to point the mic toward your mouth. If you need to look at the screen while talking, adjust the mic accordingly. The mic cannot capture your voice in full if it’s pointed to the side of your face instead.
  • For presentations in the Streaming room, there will be wireless/lavalier mic for the presenter and one or two wireless  microphone for the audience.
  • There will only one wireless microphone for the rest of the program rooms. If you’re presenting on any of those rooms, you can either help the attendees by repeating the question, or walk the mic to audience member.
  • If you find the room lacks a microphone, or if the mic does not work properly, let us know so we can contact hotel AV to remedy the problem.


Seating arrangements

  • Depending on the room setup, we will have a section dedicated for those with wheelchairs or other mobility aids. This section will be identified by an empty space with light-colored tape on the floor. Please respect that area.
  • We also have set aside a section in the front row for those who need to sit closer to the screen or those who use live caption services.


For presenters

LITA core mission is education and our strength roots in its members and supporters, which means all of us! We sincerely thank you for the knowledge and experience you’re sharing as Forum presenters.

Making your presentation accessible

Carli Spina provided a great webinar for you. If you missed it or would like to review it again, you can watch the recording (audio transcript is included) and read her slide deck at


Please observe and follow the guidelines carefully. If you provide a video, be aware that fast moving images or animation with lightstrobe may affect some of your audience. Warn them beforehand.


Social events and Meals

Check out our Social and Networking Activities page!    Accessibility information will be listed.

If you would like to try out other restaurants, our Local Planning Committee has created list of restaurants and their accessibility considerations for you to check.  


Medical Facilities

In the event of an emergency, the hotel’s security department can be reached at Extension 55 or through the Hotel Operator. If you requires emergency medical assistance (Minneapolis Fire Department or Paramedics), you will be transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, which is the nearest medical facility to the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.

  • Hennepin County Medical Center 701 Park Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55415
  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital 800 East 28th Street Minneapolis, MN 55407


Be nice to each other

To ensure everybody is having a safe and welcoming experience at the Forum, please observe the Statement of Appropriate Conduct and Privacy and Safety guidance.