Lightning Talks

Scheduled Lightning Talks:

  • To Be Announced

Lightning Rounds should…

  • Be concise. Make sure you are not trying to fit a full length session into a lightning round without adapting it.
  • Be practiced. We want to learn but it helps if you know you can get all the info into the short time. Do a run through so we don’t miss then ending!
  • Be fun. Lightning talks are all about sharing new and exciting things. Show your passion!

Lightning Rounds should NOT…

  • Be advertisements. Covering a new product or showing a how-to is fine but please avoid selling or directly promoting products from your organization.
  • Be continuations of a session you presented earlier that you did not have time to finish.
  • Have 50 slides. Actually, no slides at all are fine but if you have them, a few is probably all you will have time for.


Here are some general tips on creating good lightning sessions:

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