Privacy and Safety at Forum

LITA is taking multiple steps to ensure a welcoming and safe space for all of our participants. If you have any concerns before or during your time at Forum, please contact Jenny Levine (LITA Executive Director) at, 708-955-4964 (call or SMS), or on Google Hangouts at shiftedlibrarian. See our Statement of Appropriate Conduct for further information about our norms and expectations for how participants respect each other during Forum.


We recognize there can be discomfort with appearing in photographs and videos. The Forum Planning Committee wants to ensure that any photos that are taken (whether by members of the Committee or by fellow attendees) are done in accordance with attendee wishes. The conference lanyards will be given at onsite registration in three colors:

  • Red (with dark stripes for those who may have red-green colorblindness) means you do not wish to have your photo taken.

  • Yellow means please ask before taking a picture.

  • Green means photos are fine.

Please pick up the lanyard that matches your preference at the registration desk when you arrive onsite and pick up your badge. We’ll keep extra lanyards at the registration desk throughout Forum, so you can come by and switch to a different color at any time.