Planning Committee

The LITA Forum Planning Committee is charged with creating and implementing the Forum annually. This year, the planning committee was divided into several subcommittees each headed up by a Chair and responsible for a specific part of the planning process.

  • Melody Condron (Chair)
  • Jason Battles (Vice Chair)
  • Joanna Messer Kimmitt (At-Large)
  • Mark A. Beatty (Primary Staff Liaison)
  • Jenny Levine (Executive Director)
  • Andromeda Yelton (LITA President & Advisor)

Accessibility Subcommittee

  • Ranti Junus (Chair)
  • Fen Lu
  • Shawn Vaillancourt

Assessment Subcommittee

  • Helen Look (Co-Chair)
  • Emily Campbell (Co-Chair)
  • Caroline Andeberg
  • Mark Beatty
  • Susan Payne
  • Mike Thompson
  • Jen-chien Yu

Conference UX Subcommittee

  • Becky Yoose (Chair)
  • Michael Cendejas
  • Lindsay Cronk
  • Elle Dimopoulos

Local Arrangements:

  • Elisandro (Alex) Cabada (Chair)
  • Stacie Traill

Marketing & Web Subcommittee

  • Katherine Boden (Chair)
  • Vincci Kwong
  • Megan Weeden

Programming Subcommittee

  • Jason Griffey (Chair)
  • Margaret Alexander
  • Tobi Hines
  • Hong Ma
  • Frank Skornia
  • Berika Williams

Sponsorship Subcommittee

  • Galen Charlton (Chair)
  • Tabatha Farney

Streaming & Recording Subcommittee

  • Cody Hanson (Chair)
  • Jennifer Brown