Re-Assessing Web-Scale Discovery: a Longitudinal Look at Perceptions

Our library implemented a web-scale discovery system (EDS) in 2012 and completed an initial assessment in 2014, using staff and user surveys and search logs to assess perceptions and usability. These findings led to immediate enhancements, and further adjustments have been made to the service during the subsequent years through upgrades and user feedback. In 2017, EDS was reassessed to compare how attitudes and user behaviors have shifted over this period of time. This presentation will discuss the planning and design process for assessing and user testing EDS, the analysis of the resulting data, and problems identified through these processes.

Intermediate Poster
Location: Crestone and Crystal Foyers Date: November 11, 2017 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm photo of David Comeaux David Comeaux Emily Frank Mike Waugh