Happiness is a G Suite for my library

In October 2014, the Office of Information Technology at the University of X began using Google Applications, now called G Suite. Subsequently, the X University Libraries created a task force to implement a new internal staff website (Google Site) to replace a staff wiki, and an enterprise file storage space (Google Drive) to complement our traditional local network file storage. The Google Site and Drive are all managed via Google Groups to ensure appropriate access to library staff and student workers, and the three tools collectively provide a discoverable and accessible portal to important library operational information, 24/7, from any location or device. This poster will show how technical staff planned, applied best practices, and accommodated various individual use cases to successfully launch Google Apps in the library in June 2016. The poster will also highlight policies and recommendations that were developed, discuss training efforts, and, a year later, discuss “how it’s going. ” The three main ideas that I would discuss in the poster content would be: Happiness is easy collaboration (Google Sites) Happiness is unlimited storage (Google Drive/Team Drive) Happiness is open access (Google Groups)

Presentation slides

Beginner Poster
Location: Crestone and Crystal Foyers Date: November 11, 2017 Time: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Kristen Costello Jason Vaughan