Lightning Talks

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Lightning sessions are scheduled for November 11 from 1:20-2:20 and participants will get 5 minutes to explore their topic in front of the excited, edge-of-their-seat crowd.

Scheduled Lightning Talks:

  • Creating a Good Community in Your Digital Project
    Margaret Heller
    Digital Services Librarian
    Loyola University Chicago
  • Visualizing collection metadata with C3.js
    Corey Halpin
    Software Engineer
    University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Guiding an in-house Women in Drupal team to adapt Drupal 8
    Neena Weng
    Web Services Manager
    Auraria Library
  • Five Tips in Five Minutes: Building Support for an Institutional Repository
    Jennifer L. Pate
    Scholarly Communications and Instruction Librarian
    University of North Alabama
  • Improve Librarian/I.T. relationships with the You Can Do I.T. curriculum
    Cindy Fisher
    Library Technology Consultant
    Texas State Library & Archives Commission
  • Three Arguably Clever Things We Do With RPi-Based Digital Signs
    Thomas Dowling
    Director of Technologies
    Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University
  • Collaboratively Created Virtual Reality Learning Environments
    Amy Bryant
    Associate Library Director
    Earlham College
  • A Taste of AI in Library: Chatbot with Microsoft QnA Maker
    Kun Lin
    Systems and Applications Services
    Whitman College
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about ITAL, But Didn’t Know to Ask
    Ken Varnum
    Senior Program Manager
    University of Michigan
  • Website usability without the website
    Karen Grigg & Kate Hill
    Science Liaison Librarian
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Improving US Information Literacy Education for Chinese International Students: A Value-Oriented Approach
    Yi Ding
    Online Instructional Design Librarian
    California State University, Northridge

Lightning Rounds should…

  • Be concise. Make sure you are not trying to fit a full length session into a lightning round without adapting it.
  • Be practiced. We want to learn but it helps if you know you can get all the info into the short time. Do a run through so we don’t miss then ending!
  • Be fun. Lightning talks are all about sharing new and exciting things. Show your passion!

Lightning Rounds should NOT…

  • Be advertisements. Covering a new product or showing a how-to is fine but please avoid selling or directly promoting products from your organization.
  • Be continuations of a session you presented earlier that you did not have time to finish.
  • Have 50 slides. Actually, no slides at all are fine but if you have them, a few is probably all you will have time for.


Here are some general tips on creating good lightning sessions:

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