Librarians can code! A “hands-on” computer programming workshop just for librarians

Photo of Kelly Smith

Computer programming has a reputation for being highly technical, unintelligible, and out of reach for the average librarian. Meanwhile, kids as young as 7 years old are learning to code at library programs every day. This workshop will convince you that you can code. It’s not as hard as you think! Bring your laptop and join us for two half-day sessions where you will follow the same intro steps as the youngsters at code club, from the beginning concepts of computer programming (exploring platforms like and Scratch) to the creation of your very own project. By the time we are finished, you will be able to amaze your friends by making your own computer programs and even a phone app! You’ll also have a new confidence that will help you with anything you set out to learn, whether or not it involves technology. 

Please note: the preconference is in two parts, part 1 to be held on Thursday Nov 17 afternoon with part 2 to be held on Friday Nov 18 morning.  Attendees need to plan to attend both parts.

Location: Texas Ballroom A Date: November 17, 2016 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Photo of Kelly Smith Kelly Smith