Letting the Collections Tell Their Story: Using Tableau for Collection Evaluation

The increased accessibility of data visualization platforms, both in cost and ease of use, has opened a floodgate of possibilities for telling stories. While we are focusing on using Tableau to enable the collections to tell their story to us, we will review other systems and services, comparing and contrasting their strengths and weaknesses. With our data in Tableau Public, available to all, we are encouraging sharing of library collections data, for the purposes of comparing measures and setting benchmarks. Our pre-conference session will include a presentation of the work we have done and how we did it, a discussion of issues relevant to others, and hands-on use of the resulting visualizations for analysis.

We will provide access to real data via Tableau and demonstrate how the data is useful for evaluating collections based on needs and comparisons with other subject-based collections. Participants will work directly with real data using only the Tableau Public software. Prior to the session, pre-conference registrants will receive details on downloading, installing and getting started in using Tableau Public. All participants are encouraged to bring their laptops or tablets, and we will work individually and in small groups (2-4).

Please note: the preconference is in two parts, part 1 to be held on Thursday Nov 17 afternoon with part 2 to be held on Friday Nov 18 morning.  Attendees need to plan to attend both parts.

Location: Texas Ballroom B Date: November 17, 2016 Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Photo of Karen Harker Karen Harker Photo of Janette Klein Janette Klein PriyaParwani Priya Parwani